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Ford Ranger and Tractor Standard Clutches

We have a variety of standard clutches in-stock for both the Ford Ranger and tractors. Our high-quality clutches are developed from Ford’s very own factory clutches, enhanced with durability, performance, and designed for years of heavy use.

View Ford Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKB-010 Ford 5000-T (authentic) 12”
01-BKB-011 Ford 5000-T (modified) 12”
01-BKB-020 Ford 6600-T (authentic) 13”
01-BKB-021 Ford 6600-T (modified) 13”
01-BKB-030 Ford Ranger 9.5” Stada/Fiter
01-BKB-031 Ford Ranger 10”

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