Super Pro clutch disc and double pressure plate clutches for maximum torque


Toyota Standard Clutches

Our Toyota standard clutches resolve issues with poor acceleration, clutch slip and flywheel in your vehicle. Developed from original manufacturing standards, our clutches out perform factory clutches in both speed and durability. We keep all clutches in-stock so you can install them right away.

View Toyota Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKN-01 3L 9.5” 236*150
01-BKN-020 3L Forklift with pedal 11” 4P/2J/Forklift
01-BKN-021 3L Forklift without pedal 11”
01-BKN-030 BU10-T 10.2” KS21 (T)
01-BKN-031 BU20-V 10.5” 260*170
01-BKN-032 BU350-V 12” DUTO-V
01-BKN-033 BU61-V 11” DYNA/14B
01-BKN-04 KE30 7.5” 4K
01-BKN-05 LN40 9” 225*150
01-BKN-060 MTX (2L) 9”
01-BKN-061 MTX (3L) 9.5”
01-BKN-0701 RN10-T 8” RN13(T)
01-BKN-0702 RN10-V 8” RN13(V)
01-BKN-0711 RN20-T 9” 212*140 12R
01-BKN-0712 RN20-V 9” 212*141 RN25 (T)
01-BKN-0721 RN25-T 9” LN40-T
01-BKN-0722 RN25-V 8” LN40-V
01-BKN-080 RT81 7.5”
01-BKN-081 RT100 8” AE80/AE90/RN10(V)/RN13(V)
01-BKN-090 Vigo 9.5”
01-BKN-091 Vigo2700 Benzine 10”
01-BKN-092 Vigo 10.2” 260*170
01-BKN-093 Vigo 11”
01-BKN-10 Tiger 9.5” 3L
01-BKN-110 EE80 7.8”
01-BKN-111 EE90 8”

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