Breathe new life into your Hino with our extensive range of performance-proven clutches

Hino Standard Clutches

Our Hino standard clutches are designed to provide maximum durability and value in the long run. Using high-quality materials, our clutches are crafted by expert engineers with years of experience replacing clutches for all Hino makes and models. We guarantee improved performance, no clutch slip, and zero flywheel issues. Our products are kept in-stock and available at all times.

View Hino Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKC-010 Hino-V 13” DUTO/FUSO
01-BKC-011 Hino-T 14” KT725/Nissan/FUSO/F18/JO8/FRR
01-BKC-012 Hino-T 15” SUMO/DECA/FUSO
01-BKC-013 Hino 16”
01-BKC-020 Duto-V 12”
01-BKC-021 Duto-V 13” Nissan
01-BKC-03 EK100 17” Hino/EP100
01-BKC-040 FB112-V 11”
01-BKC-041 FB117-V 12”
01-BKC-0501 FC-T 12” Canter/Hino
01-BKC-0502 FC-V 12’ FE444
01-BKC-051 FC-T 13” KT92013 (without pedal)
01-BKC-0601 KM350-T 11”
01-BKC-0602 KM350-V 11”
01-BKC-0611 KM777-T 12” 6BB
01-BKC-0612 KM777-V 12” KR12”(V)
01-BKC-0701 KR-T 12” KL/EH100/6BB/HO7C
01-BKC-0702 KR-V 12” FB117/WO4D

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