Durable clutches designed to maximize performance in your Kubota tractor

Kubota Standard Clutch

Our complete line of Kubota standard clutches are always in-stock, so when you need a replacement you can get back to using your Kubota tractor in no time. Our high-quality clutches ensures durability, performance and zero flywheel issues.

View Kubota Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKG-010 Kubota 8” B1600
01-BKG-011 Kubota L3408 8.5” M929/Z2000
01-BKG-012 Kubota 9” LN40
01-BKG-013 Kubota L4508 9.5” Canter9.5”
01-BKG-014 Kubota 10.2” T3000(V)
01-BKG-020 M7040 11” FE444
01-BKG-021 M8000 12” B1600

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