Clutch discs designed to improve heat transfer for chip-tuned Navara and Frontier

Nissan J15 Standard Clutches

We offer high-quality Nissan clutches that are designed to handle heavy friction on the clutch disc. No more vibration or clutch shudder means you’ll be able to heighten your driving experience. We have a vast inventory of standard clutches so you can have them installed right away.

View Nissan Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKJ-010 120Y 7.5” B110/A12/BIU
01-BKJ-011 520-T 8” 200*130
01-BKJ-012 521-V 8”
01-BKJ-013 620 8” 200*130 J15
01-BKJ-014 720 9” 410*250 SD23
01-BKJ-02 B13 7.5” 190*130
01-BKJ-030 Big M 9” TD25/SD23
01-BKJ-031 Big M 9.5” BDI
01-BKJ-04 Carbon-V 9”
01-BKJ-05 ED30 10” 250*160
01-BKJ-06 Frontier 10” 250*160
01-BKJ-07 J15 8” 200*130 620
01-BKJ-08 ND780 13” 325*190
01-BKJ-09 Navara 10”
01-BKJ-10 PD6-T 16”
01-BKJ-110 SD22-T 9” 225*160
01-BKJ-111 SD33-T 10” 250*160
01-BKJ-12 UN12 8.5” 200*130 NV

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