Durable, double pressure plate clutches that improve torque for standard and tuned trucks

TFR and D-Max Standard Clutches

We offer a full range of Isuzu standard clutches that take into account the different driving style as well as conditions. We keep these clutches for all makes and models in-stock so you no longer have to wait for your part to arrive. And because we craft our clutches ourselves, we’re able to keep prices lower than factory-built clutches without compromising on performance.

View Isuzu Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKE-010 D-Max 3.0 VGS Suction Plate 11”
01-BKE-011 Isuzu Jumbo 15” S4S/DECA/FXZ
01-BKE-012 D-Max 3.0 VGS Pressure Plate 11”
01-BKE-02 6BB 12” 300*190 SBR/TX
01-BKE-03 250/74-T 9.5”
01-BKE-04 250/79/V 9.5” TFR2800/TL79
01-BKE-050 D-Max 9” TFR9”
01-BKE-051 D-Max 10”
01-BKE-052 D-Max 11”
01-BKE-06 JCM 13” 325*210 6BD/KT920/FB45/MEGA/FM/3M
01-BKE-07 KBD 8” 200*130 JAMINI
01-BKE-080 KBZ2000 8” KBD
01-BKE-081 KBZ2200 8.5”
01-BKE-090 KS21-T 10.2” 4DR5
01-BKE-0911 KS22-T 11” TCM 4T With Pedal
01-BKE-0912 KS22-V 11” 275*175 NRP110HP
01-BKE-1001 NKR100-T 10.2” 260*170 KS21 (T)
01-BKE-1002 NKR110-V 11” 260*171 ED33/KS22
01-BKE-101 NKR100 10.2” NKR100
01-BKE-1101 NPR115HP-T 12” 300*190 6BB
01-BKE-1102 NPR115HP-V 12” 300*191 SBR-V
01-BKE-111 NPR120HP 12” 399*190 NQR120HP
01-BKE-12 NQR150HP 13”
01-BKE-130 S14 14” ROCKY/JUMBO
01-BKE-132 S17 17”
01-BKE-140 ROCKY 14”
01-BKE-141 ROCKY 15”
01-BKE-150 TFR2500 9” 225*150
01-BKE-151 TFR2800 9.5”
01-BKE-16 TX 13” 325*210

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