High-quality, dual pressure plate clutches for all shifting style in the BT-50 and more

Mazda Standard Clutches

Made from high-quality materials to ensure years of wear and use, our Mazda standard clutches offer similar engagement to the original clutch. These clutches are designed to prevent issues with the flywheel and clutch slip. We have all products in-stock and because we craft these clutches in-house, we’re able to offer more affordable prices than factory-built clutches.

View Mazda Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKH-010 323 Small Rims 7.2”
01-BKH-011 323 Big Rims 7.5”
01-BKH-012 323 Astina 8”
01-BKH-020 B2200 9” 225*150
01-BKH-021 BT-50 10” 250*160
01-BKH-03 E2700-T 10.5” 260*170
01-BKH-040 M1000
01-BKH-041 M1200 7.2” M1300
01-BKH-042 M1400 7.2” M1300
01-BKH-043 M1600 8” B1600
01-BKH-044 M926 8.5” Kubota
01-BKH-045 M626 8.5”
01-BKH-046 Magnum 9”

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