Single pressure, lubricated plate clutches for performance and durability

Mitsubishi Standard Clutches

Our one-piece Mitsubishi standard clutch kits are ideal for everyday use and are made from high-quality materials designed for years of use. We have extensive experience with Mitsubishi clutches from various models, and we’re proud to offer clutches that eliminate flywheel issues and outperform factory-built clutches.

View Mitsubishi Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension Description
01-BKI-010 C1400 7.2”
01-BKI-011 C1600 8” Lancer1600
01-BKI-0201 Canter-T 9.5”
01-BKI-0202 Canter-V 10.2” BU20
01-BKI-030 FE444 11” 275*175 Kubota-V/4D30
01-BKI-031 F527-T 14” Hino
01-BKI-032 F527-T Turbo 15” 350*220 Hino
01-BKI-04 GTO 8.5” 4G63/Garland
01-BKI-05 L200D 9” 225*150 Cyclone
01-BKI-060 Strada2500 9” Cyclone
01-BKI-061 Strada2800 9.5” 240*160 Tiger
01-BKI-07 Mitsubishi 17”

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